My career

My Career as a Data Engineer, Architect, Practitioner and Evangelist

I am a software engineer by trade and a data enthusiast by passion and practice.

Working hard to tame the elephant

Working hard to tame the elephant

My success stories that give me a sense of accomplishment

  • Laying out a new highly scalable data architecture for Penton Media
  • Establishing at Penton, a “lab” culture and infrastructure to practice data management at scale
  • Deployment of Penton’s first Hadoop cluster for data processing with HDFS, YARN, HBase and Hive
  • Developed the “V1” Big Data strategy for EMC’s GRC platform utilizing Hadoop and Greenplum
  • Lead the development and release to market of IBM’s first in-memory data warehouse software
  • Built a SQL interface for IBM Informix and DB2 administration commands enabling partners to build their own applications
  • Helped several IBM customers with best practices around database clustering, replication, security and performance
  • Sharing my insights and experience through conference speaking engagements and publications
  • Recognition from peers, fellow technologists and the companies that I worked for – what I feel honored about and consider priceless

My Career Journey

Director, Data Platform, Penton Media          July 2013 to present

  • Tasked with building a new scalable data architecture and growing a data development team
  • Lead data engineering tasks for all data products
  • Interface with Product Management on data requirements
  • Build data models, prototypes
  • Work with Ops to define and implement infrastructure for data engineering
  • Lead research of technologies including the ever-evolving Hadoop Stack, NoSQL data stores and processing frameworks
  • Adopt and deploy Pentaho as a data integration and analytics platform atop the Hadoop stack
  • Other duties include employee management, contractor management and budgeting

Senior Product Manager, EMC                    June 2012 to present

  • Technical product manager for EMC’s GRC platform
  • Build and maintain Data Security roadmap for EMC GRC for On Prem and SaaS models
  • Develop “V1” Big Data strategy for for GRC platform
  • Interface with Business and customers for problem discovery and requirements
  • Build Product Demos
  • Work with Engineering for requirements prototyping

Various roles, IBM                                    July 2001 to June 2012

  • Work with customers to build and optimize their OLTP and OLAP environments
  • Develop architecture scoping documents for various relational database components for Informix and DB2
  • Manage and lead engineering tasks on database components from design to production
  • Build database tools and frameworks around administration and database connectivity including JDBC, .NET and PHP connectors
  • Develop code for optimizing Informix SQL Query cost-based optimizer and join optimizations
  • Developed code to build OLAP windowing functions in Informix
  • Design and implement SQL API for IBM Informix and DB2 administration commands

Engineer and Architect, Informix               February 1999 to July 2001 (Acquired by IBM

  • Software engineer and architect for various Informix database components
  • Developed code including stored procedures for various components

Speaking Engagements:

  • The Practice of Big Data:: Kansas City Lunch n Learn
  • A Scalable Data Transformation Framework with Hadoop MapReduce and HBase:: Hadoop Summit, San Jose 2014
  • Integrating Hadoop into your Data Processing environment:: DBTA Data Summit 2014
  • Data Warehousing with Informix:: IBM Information On Demand Conference, various years
  • IBM Informix In-memory Data Warehouse Accelerator:: IBM IOD Conference, customer sites


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